Really?... the world needs another shoe?

So, too, we thought after spending many years and twice more the number of seasons in the fascinating world of the footwear industry. Yes, we were fortunate traveling the world helping build proud New England shoe companies into global lifestyle brands – but somewhere after the umpteenth mile walking the booths at yet another footwear tradeshow - it became harder and harder to imagine the need for another shoe.

Then, after some months away from the shoe industry and on a sabbatical from the frenetic day-to-day march of design brief to line close, we wondered – likely while slipping into the comfort and support of a well-worn and beloved pair of German woolen clogs one evening – hey…why can't my 'day' shoes be as comfortable as these 'house' shoes (or similarly, why can't these 'house' shoes look like my 'day' shoes)? And so, the lightbulb ignited, and the familiar feeling of designing and developing returned once again… and we set about to make – not just another shoe – but a better shoe… really.

Deploying the sense and sensibility of the utility-driven spirit of our New England upbringing, we saw the opportunity to create something we always wanted for ourselves… an everyday shoe with all-day comfort. With our Yankee ingenuity and our own native son's call to 'Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!', we combined two footwear components that we knew and loved to construct our goal… the timeless style and familiar appeal of a handsewn moccasin with the custom-forming comfort and support of an anatomic cork midsole. Our path took us back to some familiar spots and weaved us through new places, along the way reuniting with former colleagues and meeting new partners.

Our road continues onward, and we're excited about the planned – and some likely unplanned – twists and turns. For now, we're pleased with where we have come … but are more excited about where we will be going.

Moccatomic. The hand-lasted moccasin with the groovy, anatomic soul.



New England shoe companies

Rockport, est. 1971
Rockport, est. 1971
Timberland, est. 1973
Timberland, est. 1973

German woolen clogs

half of my beloved pair
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