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a quick size check.

In crafting our own custom last, we followed our experience with general industry standards for sizing, so if you’re typically a ‘men’s 8′ with your shoes, you’ll be a men’s 8 with Moccatomic. However, since lasts vary amongst manufacturers, you’ve probably found some size variations as you try on shoes from different brands. To help you find your right size with Moccatomic, please use this simple check to measure your feet and compare it with our sizing chart. ¬†Or – just snap a picture of each foot on the ruler and send them to sizeme@moccatomic.com and we’ll tell you your best fit.

our size chart for men and women

1. Lay a ruler on the floor, and butt it firmly against the right-angle of the wall.

place a ruler on the floor, firmly against the corner of the wall.

2. Stand on the ruler, and snug your heel firmly but comfortably against the wall.

stand on the ruler…


… and make sure the heel is firmly and comfortably against the wall.

3. Measure to the longest point of your entire foot, and then make sure to repeat with the other foot. Then note the longest measurement of the two feet.

measure the foot at it’s longest point… here it is 9-5/8″. Make sure you measure both feet – and note the measurement of the largest foot.

4. Compare this measurement with our sizing chart to find your Moccatomic size. Based upon a foot length of 9-5/8″, our model, Hanna’s size in Moccatomic would be a W’s 8.

convert your foot length to your shoe size with this chart

some sizing notes.
1. Our last was created for the ‘natural’ foot, so you can see and feel more breadth around the forefoot and the toes.
2. Our fit is considered generous, so if you are in between size measurements, you can typically select down in size.
3. We currently offer our range in full size increments, in both US and EU sizing. To help adjust for fit, we include a removal footbed with each pair of shoes. If your shoes are snug, simply remove the footbeds. All moccatomic shoes are built with fully leather-lined interior, and thus can be worn without the footbed.

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